What is Eurocamp?

Every year one of Fimcap Europe‘s member organisations hosts the EuroCamp. This year Katholische Jungschar from Austria is inviting you to take part in an extraordinary experience. About 60 participants from different organisations will be part of this amazing activity. Young people from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Malta, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Denmark and Switzerland will meet at one place.

EuroCamp is designed as an activity for young people without previous international experience. It is a good starting point if you are interested in world around you and you don’t want to just sit at home but explore more!

As we want to be more inclusive and do not want to stay with the inclusion just in the main theme, we want to invite also young people with refugee background.

  • Icebreaking and teambuilding activities
  • International evening and Dance evening
  • Simulation games and roleplays
  • Treasure hunt
  • Short lectures and discussions on refugee crisis in Europe
  • Talk Shows with interesting guests
  • Movie night
  • Field trip to organisations/places with young refugees
  • Designing own ideas for local groups and for Fimcap
  • …and many games, activities and dances from all countries! 🙂